Think Well To Be Well
Fill your life with our good company Change your thoughts and you change your world Fill your llife with Good company good health, a sense of well-being and a purpose for living make any day beautiful. Change your thoughts and you change your world. Change your thoughts and you change your world Feed a Man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man how to fish and he eats for life.

Slim Gym!

In the short-term, many people will opt for instant gratification, especially when it comes to food and drink! Unfortunately, this is sometimes at the risk of creating long-term pain for themselves. You remember what it’s like when you wake up the following day having indulged the night before?! Think of the analogy of going to the gym. You wouldn’t expect the perfect body by working out just the once, surely? Similarly, you cannot train your mind in only one session of new thinking, away from the fatty foods and unhealthy habits that you’ve perfected over the years (!), towards a healthy balanced food plan.

Get Physical
The sure way to keep you feeling good as well as burning your food efficiently is to build regular activity into your daily life. Making it a habit is the key, just like brushing your teeth. As is our philosophy, remind yourself of all the benefits a fitter you will bring – not being out of breath when running for the bus, for example. And, instead of saying to yourself ‘’I am so unfit, I really should go to the gym’’, try ‘’I want to get fitter, going for a brisk walk would be a good and practical start’’.

Does my bum look big in this?
So what’s the first step in making a change? How do you break through discomfort and create the desire to achieve your aims? Getting to the point where the pain of remaining as you are becomes greater than the pleasure that you know you’ll get through making the change, is key.

For example, there will be some negative associations and feelings that you will remember and link to when you overeat. Think about it now. You might be able to feel that distended tum, or feel like slouching in your chair with no energy to move. Get to the point whereby your emotions are intense enough so that you’ll stop doing them. Then simply begin to link more and more pleasurable feelings to different choices and behaviours, that you know are taking you nearer to the ‘new’ you. So, think about how much more energetic you will feel when you’ve eaten just the right amount of healthy food.

Through practice and repetition, as in the gym analogy, you can condition your new thinking and actions to becoming automatic. Before you know it, making healthy lifestyle and food choices will become second nature. And your bum will look just great in anything!

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