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Choices, choices, choices…

Eating is one of life’s pleasures. Knowing what is important for you, yourself, when selecting foods for you and the other significant people in your life such as your partner, children and family, will support you in keeping you motivated and on track with what you choose to eat and can eat.

"You create your life with each choice you make. "

So, can you have your cake and eat it too?
Doing both is your choice. But each choice you make will have its own set of results. For example, choosing to have a bar of chocolate in-between meals will result in a rapid rise in your blood glucose. Choosing to have an apple instead will give you a different result – a slower rise in blood glucose. So, the choice you make about the chocolate will affect your blood glucose, which in turn will affect your diabetes, particularly if you make a habit of it!

Each choice will have a different consequence for you in terms of taste, calories and other things. In the end – it’s your choice, but you have to live with the consequences.

Waking up to conscious choices – a motivational tip
"When I become crystal clear about what is important to me about adopting and adapting to a healthy lifestyle, I increase my likelihood of succeeding."
You can support your thinking by finding a photograph of how you would like to look, one that expresses the ‘new’ you. By looking at it when you feel like straying, you will be reminded of what you can or want to achieve.
Consider making a list of all the benefits you will reap once you reach your goal, and keep the list near to hand.

Feedback – one of the currencies of life!
Your body is the ultimate feedback mechanism that you should listen to and pay attention to.

Here are a couple of examples –
If you have an episode of hypoglycaemia (a ‘hypo’ or low blood sugar) it can be embraced as a positive sign, as it will cause you to contemplate and change direction. If listened to, it can nudge you in directions that will lead to greater happiness and health.
Or think maybe of a time when you indulged in perhaps one, two or three glasses too many – or in a spicy curry! How did you feel the next morning? Perhaps your head or stomach was feeding back to you in no uncertain terms that this was not very good for you!
When our minds or bodies are not at ease with something, we feel it through physical symptoms.

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