Think Well To Be Well
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Think Well To Be Well Book

Think Well To Be Well was published in June 2002 by the charity, Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation. Heralded as a new concept in helping people to manage their diabetes, the launch of this book marks the introduction of an innovative tool that can be used by people with diabetes.

With the UK's 1.4 million known diabetics and at least another million as yet undiagnosed, this inspirational pocket guide couldn’t come at a better time. The book embraces the power of the mind in helping people to manage their own diabetes. So, what’s so special? Knowing which foods are recommended in diabetes and then making those changes are two very different things. Most people know that eating too many fatty foods makes you more prone to heart disease, but cutting down on the fry-ups isn’t so easy. The inspirational quotes, thought provokers and practical advice on food and diabetes touch at a deeper level, making you think more closely about the choices you have in life and what’s really important to you.

Dr Wendy Doyle of the British Dietetic Association explains, ‘’This book has a refreshing approach, empowering diabetes sufferers and their families to care for themselves. It is fun to read and yet informative, easy to understand, and very positive."

The charity launched the book during National Diabetes Week to enhance public awareness of diabetes and understanding that what you think about affects your well-being.

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Foreword by Dr. Hilary Jones
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