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Fill your life with our good company Change your thoughts and you change your world Fill your llife with Good company good health, a sense of well-being and a purpose for living make any day beautiful. Change your thoughts and you change your world. Change your thoughts and you change your world Feed a Man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man how to fish and he eats for life.


Friends or foe?!
Have you ever considered how your friends, partner and family can influence your goals? How is this so and how can it work to your advantage? Well, the support of those closest to you, plays an important part in your life, as you are very susceptible to the influences of the people around you. Perhaps you remember the 6 year old who goes off to school an angel and in a short time, has learned more swear words than a trooper! Mix with critical people and you learn to criticise. Mix with an enthusiastic crowd and that rubs off on you. Spend time with those who look after their health and wellness and you’ll find yourself doing the same. If you’re still wondering how this influences your weight, you may want to think about spending time with people who want to support, nourish and nurture you, so that you have the encouragement to succeed, even more!

Reputable commercial slimming clubs can provide valuable personal support as you lose weight. Psychological and emotional issues can be aired and the design of most slimming clubs is to make changing your eating behaviour easier and more sustainable. Some will provide one-to-one counseling and environments like this can offer good self-help. Or, the diet plans on this site can be a source of even more support when you ‘do it with a friend’!

Thought Provoker
If you are committed to making changes in your life, get committed about changing what surrounds you!

Calories in a glass
Weight for weight, alcohol contains more calories than sugar, so even moderate drinking can make you gain weight. For example, one pint of beer has around the same calories as three chocolate biscuits. Replacing meals with alcoholic drinks can mean that you lose out on important vitamins and minerals, so it’s simply a matter of thinking about how much you drink and when.

Think before you drink...what will having this drink do for me?
This perhaps is one of the key questions to ask yourself when you are tempted to reach for another pint of beer or glass of wine, especially if another one is likely to take you "over the top." Drinking is commonly associated with the need to feel more relaxed, especially in social circumstances, as it is with stress or comfort. You may wish to explore what it is that you really get out of drinking. What need does it meet that is not being met in any other way. Once you have identified this need, then you can start to find creative and functional ways to have that need met, but without the excessive drinking.

To get solace in the drink is to reach for what can become for some, the preverbal comfort blanket. At this point if you are heading towards this category, hit the pause button, BEFORE you reach for that next drink. Look for the stop gap and pause long enough to ask yourself whether this is what you really choose for yourself and if it is appropriate, how is it likely to effect others in your life who are important to you?

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